Export Compliance

Please note that some of SP Devices' products are classified as dual-use as per Regulation (EC) No 428/2009 and associated amendments. An export license may therefore be required from the authorities in the country of export before a delivery outside of EU and the Annex II countries USA, Canada, Japan, New Zeeland, Australia, Switzerland and Norway may take place. The product classification for individual products are listed in the table below.

Product Classification
ADQ7 3A002.H
ADQ14OCT 3A002.H
ADQ214 No license required
ADQ214-DCLN No license required
ADQ14 3A002.H
ADQ114 3A002.H
ADQ1600 3A002.H
ADQ412 3A002.H
ADQ108 3A002.H
ADQ208 3A002.H
SDR14 3A002.H
SDR14TX No license required
ADQ10GBE 5A002.A.1
ADQDSU No license required
ADQTDU No license required
ADQ8-8C No license required
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