The plots below show the result of applying ADL to the output of high-speed 16-bit ADCs mounted on reference boards available from each of the ADC manufacturers. The boards were operated at a sampling rate of 130 MSPS, and the plots show two-tone tests in the 5th Nyquist zone before (left) and after (right) being corrected by ADL. In this Nyquist zone, distortion is dominated by low order harmonic distortion, (HD2 and HD3). The plots show that regardless of the ADC model, the 2:nd and 3:rd order distortion spurs are attenuated to a level close to -100 dBFS. This means that the usable bandwidth is extended up to the 5th Nyquist Zone. ​

National Semiconductor ADC16V130

Texas Instruments ADS5483

Linear Technology LTC2209​