Celtic-Plus Innovation Award 2013


​​​​Celtic-Plus Innovation Award 2013

Linköping, Sweden - March 14, 2013, SP Devices and the other participants of the CELTIC 100GET project was awarded the Celtic-Plus Innovation Award 2013 for its outstanding performance at the Celtic-Plus event in Kayseri, Turkey, on March 6, 2013. The 65 million Euro project was focused on the development of 100 Gb/s Ethernet based on carrier-grade transport networks. SP Devices contributed both with IP for ADC performance enhancement as well as digitizer hardware, and participated as part of a Swedish consortium together with Ericsson, Chalmers, and KTH.

Major achievements within the project included the development of 21 new products, 56 filed patents, contributions to 32 standards, and 53 performed pilots.