Newsletter - ADQ10GBE - 10 Gbit Ethernet card in PXIe format


​​​​ADQ10GBE - 10 Gbit Ethernet card in PXIe format

In this issue you can read about our ADQ10GBE Ethernet card. We also include a 2-minute video of our recently released ADQ14 digitizer platform.

ADQ10GBE - 10 Gbit Ethernet Card in cPCIe/PXIe Form Factor

The ADQ10GBE module enables fast network connection from a cPCIe/PXIe chassis to an external host computer. It occupies a single slot in an 3U cPCIe/PXIe chassis and can be used with backplanes supporting up to x8 Gen2 PCIe. All necessary software drivers are included and can be installed on the PXIe controller. ADQ10GBE can be used under Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 8 and 8.1, as well as Linux (native support or ixgbe source code).

The module supports two SFP+ 10 GbE modules (purchased separately) and can be used with either SFP+ direct attached copper cables (10GSFP+Cu, 10GBASE-CR, 10GBASE-CX1) at lengths up to 15 meters, or optical short range (10GBASE-SR) for fiber lengths up to 300 meters.

ADQ10GBE allows the user to achieve a high-speed link for data transfer over long distances from the digitizer to the host PC. The unit can be operated independently and can hence be used with cPCIe/PXIe modules from other vendors. Current examples of use include 5G prototyping systems and lidar.

A list of compatible Ethernet cards for the host PC can be found on the product page on our website here, but please do not hesitate contacting us if you have questions.