Newsletter - ADQ7 - World-leading 14-bit digitizer


​​​ADQ7 - World-leading 14-bit digitizer

The ADQ7 digitizer offers unique and previously unseen performance with a combination of up to 10 GSPS sampling rate and 14 bits vertical resolution. This performance-boost has effectively helped our customers to overcome performance bottlenecks and have led to significant system-level advances within several application areas.

In addition to the obvious benefits of high sampling rate and resolution there are also many other features that make ADQ7 a powerful and flexible solution. Here are a few:

  • Programmable analog front-end allows for good matching with the detector
  • Analog bandwidth of up to 3 GHz helps facilitate direct RF capture
  • A large open on-board Xilinx FPGA enables custom real-time signal processing
  • Stand-alone firmware packages simplify operation by providing a rich set of application-specific functions without any need for firmware development
  • A wide variety of available form factors simplifies integration in various systems
  • Included LabVIEW drivers allow for intuitive and rapid custom data visualization
  • High-precision synchronization capabilities allow for massive multi-channel implementations suitable for large physics experiments and similar systems
  • Gain access to our experienced development team through our design services - a great way of realizing complex custom signal processing in a time-efficient manner!