Newsletter - Comparison of Digitally-Enhanced GS/s Analog-to-Digital Converters


​​Comparison of Digitally-Enhanced GS/s Analog-to-Digital Converters

In this issue you can read about commercially available GS/s analog-to-digital converters enhanced by our digital mismatch error correction IP-core ADX4.

After a decade of research and development and over 120 man years invested, Signal Processing Devices Sweden AB is today the leading provider of digital post-processing solutions for high-performance analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). Please read this newsletter to learn more about the significant performance level improvements achievable with ADX4!

All time-interleaved ADCs have unwanted mismatch-induced aliasing that grows worse with frequency. With digital error correction this distortion can be suppressed even when the errors vary over frequency. SP Devices post-processing IP-core ADX4 can equalize the differences between all the ADCs to such a small level that the unwanted aliasing spurs are suppressed down to the noise floor.

Our post-processing enhancement significantly shortens time-to-market and state-of-the art performance levels can efficiently be realized for new ASIC designs.

ADX4 demonstrated in this newsletter is a well-proven and mass-produced enhancement technology that is available for instantiation in FPGAs as well as ASICs. The figure shows the measured results when ADX4 is used to enhance three different GS/s ADCs, the EV10AQ190 from E2V Technologies Plc, the ADC12J4000 from Texas Instruments, Inc, and the AD9625 from Analog Devices, Inc.

Figure: Time-interleaved ADC mismatch spur level comparison when applying digital mismatch error correction to three different GS/s analog-to-digital converters. The devices used are E2V EV10AQ190 (5 GS/s, 10 bits in Blue color), Texas Instruments ADC12J4000 (4 GS/s, 12 bits in Red color), and Analog Devices AD9625 ( 2.5 GS/s, 12 bits in Yellow color). The achieved mismatch spur level with ADX4 and the native ADC spur level are plotted with Solid and Dashed line, respectively. The performance of all three ADCs is improved significantly by ADX4. Further, while the AD9625 can be enhanced to the highest performance level, even the 10-bit EV10AQ190 can surpass the 12-bit alternatives AD9625 and ADC12J4000 in their native state if enhanced by ADX4.

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