Newsletter - Digitizers in PCIe form factor


​​SP Devices Introduces PCI Express Products

In this issue we are pleased to announce the release of our ADQ V6 Digitizer family members in PCI Express format. You can also read about the latest exciting update of our ADQ214 digitizer.

PCI Express Interface Added to Our Most Powerful Digitizers!

With the powerful ADQ108 and ADQ412 digitizers, SP Devices ADQ V6 Digitizer Family has already set the standard for state-of-the-art data capture in terms of sampling rate and vertical resolution. The 8-bit ADQ108 offers up to 6.4 GS/s sampling rate, while the 12-bit ADQ412 enables dual channel operation at up to 3.6 GS/s per channel.

Previously available in a compact stand-alone USB format as well as a flexible and high-throughput cPCIe/PXIe version, we are now pleased to also introduce a PCI Express version of these popular products.

The ADQ V6 Digitizer Family features 1 GB of on-board memory and the PCI Express version offers an 8-lane (x8) PCIe bus which allows for high-throughput data transfers of over 1 GB/s to PC memory. Advanced triggering modes are supported and include pre- and post-trigger, trigger hold-off, level trigger, and external trigger. A multi-record feature allows for capturing of data records of specified length on each incoming trigger event.

Software is of included free of charge with the purchase of a digitizer and includes easy-to-use ADCaptureLab as well as a C/C++ software development kit (SDK) and a dynamic link library (DLL) to be used for example with LabView.

The digitizers employ a powerful Xilinx Virtex 6 LX240T FPGA that supports high-performance logic and advanced serial connectivity. Customers can gain access to the FPGA by purchasing the optional ADQ Development Kit.

ADQ214 - Now With Software-Selectable AC/DC coupling

The ADQ214 is a dual-channel digitizer with 14 bits vertical resolution, 400 MS/s sampling rate, and 128 MSamples on-board memory. It is available with USB or cPCIe/PXIe interface and employs two Xilinx Virtex 5 devices that can be accessed through the optional ADQ Development Kit. The combination of high speed, high resolution and wide bandwidth makes it ideal for broadband applications such as IF sampling of RF signals and high-speed data recording. Excellent spectral purity in combination with low noise also makes the ADQ214 ideal for noise measurements.

We are now improving the flexibility of this device by adding software-selectable AC/DC coupling. The type of coupling can easily be changed both in the stand-alone software ADCaptureLab and through the C/C++ API.

SP Devices Provides Solutions to the Complete Value Chain

We help our customers to improve competitiveness regardless of where they are positioned in the value chain. The offering from SP Devices covers the complete range from Silicon Manufacturers to System Integrators. SP Device's products are available as Silicon IP, FPGA IP, reference designs, and complete digitizer boards.

The ADX interleaving technology is available as silicon IP for chip manufacturers and semiconductor companies who need to increase ADC sampling speed. ADX is also available as FPGA IP, targeting the market of system suppliers, digitizer companies, and T&M companies.

For customers who do not want to design their own digitizer solution, SP Devices offers both off-the-shelf digitizer solutions as well as customized digitizers.

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