Newsletter - High-Performance Digitizer Basics Webinar - South East Asia and Australia


​​​​Webinar: High-Performance Digitizer Basics

Part 1 - What is a high-performance digitizer?

High-performance digitizers are the ideal solution for demanding measurement applications including mass spectrometry, LiDAR, distributed optic fiber sensing, SS-OCT, and industrial testing to name a few. Their set of capabilities differentiate them from standard bench equipment such as oscilloscope and makes possible higher integration, more precise control, real-time processing and higher throughput.

Through this set of three webinars, Teledyne SP Devices aims at explaining what a high performance digitizer is, how to select one and how to use one.

This part 1 will focus on explaining the differences between oscilloscopes and digitizers, cover the different applications that benefit from digitizer solutions, and go through the architecture and the different building blocks of a data acquisition system using high-performance digitizer.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:

  • Digitizer vs Oscilloscope
  • High-Performance Digitizer Application
  • Digitizer Building-Blocks
  • Data Acquisition System Architecture
  • Firmware & FPGA Infrastructure
  • Software & Streaming Data


  • Thursday, September 23, 2021, 2PM SGT | 4PM AEST | 6PM NZST

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Marc Stackler, Sales and Applications Engineer

Comment: This session is similar to the webinar we did in June, but now at a more convenient time for viewers from South East Asia and Australia. The webinar will be held in English.