Newsletter - PCIe x8 Gen2 and SAR Recording


​PCIe x8 Gen2 and SAR Recording System

In this issue you can read about the introduction of PCIe x8 gen2 which enables significantly increased data transfer rates, and our ongoing implementation of a SAR recording system.


The ADQ V6 digitizers constitute a leading family of high-speed digitizers. The unique combination of high sampling rate and high dynamic range is achieved by SP Devices' proprietary ADC interleaving technology ADX. The high-speed analog front-ends of the ADQ V6 digitizers are now complemented by a matching high-speed host interface - PCI Express 8 lanes, generation 2 at 5 GT/s each. The interface enables more than 3 GBytes/s sustained data transfer rate to the host PC. The digitizers are available in several form factors, which all will be upgraded with the faster PCI Express link:

PCI Express: The digitizers in are available as 2 slots PCIe boards for integration in a PC.

PXI Express : The digitizers are available as 2 slots boards for 3U PXIe chassis.

Micro-TCA: The digitizers are available as double width, mid-size boards for Micro-TCA chassis.


SP Devices was awarded the prestigious project to develop a 12-channel data acquisition system including real time data recording for DLR. The data acquisition is based on SP Devices high-speed Compact PCI Express digitizers and its extensive expertise in advanced signal processing. A 12-channel, high-speed SSD (Solid State Disc) recording system will be optimized for recording the data from the digitizers. Other advanced features required are channel synchronization, image processing capacity and a 10 Gb Ethernet module. The system is integrated into a custom enclosure to meet the tough environmental requirements for a flying device. SP Devices is a leading specialist in signal processing technology with several patents in the field of analog to digital signal conversion.


With the latest addition to the ADQ V6 family - the ADQ412-4G - sampling rate is increased even further, reaching an impressive 4 GS/s with 12 bits vertical resolution.

The device is gaining wide popularity within a wide range of application areas due to its significant improvement in sampling rate. Industry adopters include physics laboratories, lidar manufacturers, government agencies, and more. The device hosts a powerful Xilinx Virtex 6 LX240T FPGA, 1 GByte on-board memory, and comes in a number of form factors including USB, PCIe, PXIe and Micro-TCA. A software development kit (SDK) is included free of charge with the purchase of the digitizer, and the user can gain access to the on-board FPGA through the optional ADQ412 Development Kit.

We help our customers to improve competitiveness regardless of where they are positioned in the value chain. The offering from SP Devices covers the complete range from Silicon Manufacturers to System Integrators. SP Devices' products are available as Silicon IP, FPGA IP, reference designs, and complete digitizer boards.

The ADX interleaving technology is available as silicon IP for chip manufacturers and semiconductor companies who need to increase ADC sampling speed. ADX is also available as FPGA IP, targeting the market of system suppliers, digitizer companies, and T&M companies.

For customers who do not want to design their own digitizer solution, SP Devices offers both off-the-shelf digitizer solutions as well as customized digitizers.

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