Newsletter - Real-time waveform averaging firmware



FWATD is now available for the ADQ3 series. 

Today we announce FWATD for the ADQ3 series. The FWATD firmware is designed to operate constantly over a long time in a system which maximizes the performance. The FWATD firmware contains multiple features to support the data transport and processing.

ADQ3-FWATD features:

  • One instance per analog input channels
  • Full sampling rate per channel
  • Sample skip support to increase measurement length
  • DBS – digital baseline stabilizer to reduce pattern noise
  • Digital FIR filter for bandwidth limitation
  • Threshold function for suppressing noise
  • FIR filter for threshold control for pulse shape selection
  • Seamless averaging for continuous operation at high duty cycle
  • Dual gain PDRX firmware in combination with averaging (separate license may apply)
  • 7 GByte/s sustained data streaming to CPU and GPU

The FWATD advantages are:

  • Efficient implementation of averaging in the FPGA off-loading the PC
  • Four noise reduction methods
  • Optimized for real-time processing and high data throughput
  • Teledyne SP Devices’ design services are available for fast integration to reduce time-to-market