Newsletter - Teledyne SP Devices introduces LabVIEW drivers


​Teledyne SP Devices introduces LabVIEW drivers

"In this issue you can read about the release of LabVIEW drivers for Teledyne SP Device's digitizers. These drivers greatly simplify integration and help speed up development."

Following the recent announcement of the ADQ7 Teledyne SP Devices is now expanding its offering further by introducing comprehensive LabVIEW support for the digitizer product families.

Through these LabVIEW drivers the user can either use and modify a ready-to-run example and associated graphical user interface (GUI) or access a device-specific application programming interface (API) through the Measurement I/O palette. This allows for easy-to-use drag-and-drop operation directly into the block diagram of new or existing applications.

"The drivers will make it easier and faster than ever before to integrate Teledyne SP Devices' data acquisition boards into a LabVIEW-based measurement environment," says digitizer product manager Jan-Erik Eklund.

The deliverable consists of a collection of high- and low-level Virtual Instruments (VIs) and is based on an optimized underlying low-level C++ library. The LabVIEW integration has been carried out by NI Gold Alliance Partner Novator Solutions employing best-practice conventions in I/O design library design and implementation.

The drivers offer complete access to the underlying API and are included free of charge when purchasing a digitizer. The drivers are implemented in LabVIEW 2016 and installation is done via VI Package Manager (VIPM) and includes drivers, example program with a GUI, and a user’s manual.

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