Newsletter - Advanced time domain measurements with ADQ7


‚ÄčAdvanced time domain measurements with ADQ7

The Advanced Time Domain firmware option, FWATD, equips the ADQ7 digitizer with advanced tools for sophisticated time domain measurements. Multiple steps of noise suppression is provided in order to achieve extreme dynamic range so that rarely occurring weak signals can be detected and distinguished from the noise.

FWATD can track and correct for temperature-dependent baseline (DC-level) fluctuations which may otherwise lead to incorrect detection of false pulses.

It also supports several types of noise reduction both for random and systematic noise and this helps improve the dynamic range even further. The flexible architecture and user-defined settings makes it easy to tailor noise reduction for any application. The block diagram below illustrate the architecture of FWATD.


  • Prior knowledge about the input signal can be used to tailor the data capture and improve the dynamic range:
  • Programmable DC-offset allows unipolar signals to utilize the entire input range of the digitizer.
  • Teledyne SP Devices' proprietary Digital Baseline Stabilizer (DBS) track baseline fluctuations and adjust the baseline to a user-defined target value. This ensures that pulse amplitude is accurately determined and increase sensitivity of the system.
  • A frequency-selective digital filter helps reduce noise for input signals with known limited bandwidth without loss of signal information.
  • Waveform averaging (WFA) helps reduce random noise via repeated measurements. WFA supports unrivalled waveform lengths of over 2 million samples.
  • The non-linear advanced threshold operation with filter is a complement to the succeeding WFA, tailored for rarely occurring weak pulses.
  • DBS suppresses systematic noise such as pattern noise originating from time-interleaved ADCs.


  • Scientific instruments
  • Time-of-flight
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance
  • Particle physics experiments
  • Test & measurements
  • Distributed fiber sensing