Newsletter - Digitizer Firmware Now Configurable within Digitizer Studio


​​​​ Digitizers from Teledyne SP Devices are ideal for applications that benefit from custom real-time digital signal processing. Operation is simplified through optional firmware packages that do not require FPGA firmware development skills. These firmware options extend the default signal processing capabilities by providing additional out-of-the-box application-specific functions.

Configuration and operation of these firmware modules have never been faster and easier. The latest revision of Digitizer Studio now offers direct access to firmware settings and processed data output via an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). This is a major improvement that significantly speeds up firmware evaluation and system-level integration.

Three firmware packages are currently supported:

  • The FWATD firmware offers multiple levels of noise suppression that improve the dynamic range so that rarely occurring weak signals can be detected and distinguished from noise.
  • FW2DDC equips the ADQ7 and ADQ7WB digitizers with real-time functions commonly used in radio frequency (RF) receivers, for example, digital down-conversion (DDC).
  • FWSDR is similar to FW2DDC but for ADQ14.

Digitizer Studio updates are available free of charge for existing customers. Contact your local Teledyne SP Devices representative for details.