Newsletter - Introducing EPICS drivers


​Teledyne SP Devices introduces EPICS drivers

The Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) is a set of software tools, libraries and applications developed collaboratively and used worldwide to create distributed soft real-time control systems for scientific instruments such as particle accelerators, telescopes and other large scientific experiments.

The framework allows distributed parts of the control system to communicate with each other in a standardized way and uses client/server and publish/subscribe techniques to communicate between the various computers.

EPICS support for ADQ14 and ADQ7 is now included in our software development kit (SDK). The driver is implemented using EPICS base as well as the Nominal Device Support framework (NDS v3) and EPICS layer from Cosylab.

The installer also includes an Operator Interface (OPI) example implemented as a graphical user interface (GUI) in Control System Studio (CSS) together with the BOY extension.


  • Widely adopted software framework for control of large-scale distributed control systems.
  • The standardized abstraction layer makes it easy to integrate new devices in existing systems.
  • Collaboratively developed and maintained by world-leading scientific facilities.
  • Designed for scalability – from single test stations with a low channel count, to large distributed networks with thousands of channels.
  • Public open source project freely available according to the EPICS Open License .


  • Scientific instruments
  • Big Science
  • Big Physics
  • Particle accelerators
  • Fusion
  • Material research