Newsletter - New 10-bit Digitizer with Flexible Analog Front-End


​ Teledyne SP Devices today announced the release of ADQ8-4X – a 10-bit digitizer with software-configurable sampling on two or four channels. The supported sampling rate is 4 GSPS in 2-channel mode, and 2 GSPS in 4-channel mode. This complements the previously released ADQ8-8C (8 channels, 1 GSPS) by offering faster sampling at two different rates.

ADQ8-4X is available in PXI Express (PXIe) form factor and therefore supports a mix-and-match approach where different digitizer models are used in the same system. The wide selection of models with different resolution, sampling rate, and channel count enables our customers to implement cost-and performance-optimized multi-channel systems. Large systems with many channels can be distributed over many chassis with a timing alignment better than 200 picoseconds. Also, due to the modular architecture, the systems can be extended gradually over time.

Custom real-time digital signal processing (DSP) can be integrated on the onboard Xilinx FPGA through an optional firmware development kit, and a software development kit (SDK) is included free of charge.