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Robust real-time waveform averaging

The Advanced Time Domain firmware option, FWATD, equips the ADQ7DC digitizer with advanced tools for sophisticated time domain measurements. Multiple steps of noise suppression are provided in order to achieve extreme dynamic range so that rarely occurring weak signals can be detected and distinguished from the noise.

In our recent update of FWATD we have improved the robustness of the real-time waveform averaging feature so that corrupt data is automatically discarded if the trigger source is producing unreliable triggers. Traditional data acquisition systems lacking such protection mechanisms will normally produce corrupt averaging outputs and the acquisition may even come to a full stop. This is not acceptable in many of today’s systems where 24/7 operation is vital and therefore require fail-safe operation.


ADQ7 is available in industry-standard form factors. PCI Express shown above
Furthermore we have also introduced support for General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) in FWATD. This greatly simplifies communication and control between the digitizer and the other parts of the system and helps improve robustness and system-level synchronization even further. In addition, the use of a compact yet robust GPIO D-Sub connector helps keeping external cabling to a minimum.

Trigger_detail 2

Corrupt data is automatically discarded If the number of trigger events fail to reach or exceed the number of expected triggers within a certain period.
  • Legacy functionality of FWATD maintained with powerful and innovative noise suppression
  • Improved robustness for fail-safe 24/7 operation
  • Corrupt data is automatically discarded and therefore does not introduce errors in the output
  • System-level design, control and synchronization is greatly simplified
  • Scientific instruments
  • Time-of-flight
  • Mass spectrometry
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance
  • Particle physics experiments
  • Test & measurements
  • Distributed fiber sensing
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