FWDT - GPU peer-to-peer streaming firmware

Firmware and software bundle for graphics processing unit (GPU) peer-to-peer streaming

  • ADQ14-FWDT is a firmware and software bundle which upgrades the PCI Express interface of an ADQ14 to generation 3 by 8 lane (Gen3 x8) specifically for peer-to-peer streaming. The firmware adds support for peer-to-peer streaming to a selected number of graphics processing units (GPUs) from AMD and NVIDIA. Peer-to-peer data transfers can be done at sustained rates of 6 Gbyte/s and with peak rates at up to 6.8 GByte/s.

    ADQ14-FWDT offers an alternative to the open FPGA architecture for those customers that prefer to work with GPUs. With peer-to-peer technology, the data is transferred directly from the digitizer to the GPU with minimal involvement of the host computer’s CPU. This is a huge advantage compared to conventional solutions which require data to be copied via the RAM of the host PC. With peer-to-peer, both the CPU and RAM can instead be used for other tasks. The captured data can be post-processed in OpenCL™ or CUDA™. See the datasheet for details about supported GPU models and operating systems.

    • Peer-to-peer outperforms conventional solutions which rely on copying data via the RAM of the host PC
    • Peer-to-peer and GPUs complement the already offered open FPGA architecture
    • GPUs are more suitable than FPGAs for certain applications and algorithms
    • Post-processing of captured data can be done in the GPU using OpenCL™ or CUDA™
    • Swept-source OCT
    • LiDAR
    • Image processing
    • Spectral monitoring
    • RADAR
    • Wireless communication
    • Scientific instruments
    Systems integration support
    • PCIe form factor options for compact systems integration.
    • Advanced analog front-end, trigger functions, and high sampling rate of ADQ14 for meeting systems requirements.
    • Enables high speed real-time custom signal processing solutions for advanced systems.
    • SP Devices’ design services are available for fast integration to lower time-to-market.

  • FWDT Block
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  • FWDT Block
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  • FWDT Block
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  • FWDT Block
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  • ADQ14
    • Single/dual channel
    • Up to 2 GSPS sampling rate
    • Up to 1.2 GHz input bandwidth
    • DC-coupled (variable input range/gain optional)

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