Easy-to-use Windows™ application for control and data capture


A Quick Way of Getting Started

ADCaptureLab allows for quick and easy configuration and operation of all our data acquisition and signal generation boards. It consists of a graphical user interface (GUI) in which it displays the collected data in time- and frequency domain as well as key parameters such as SNR, SFDR, etc.

The main purpose of this tool is to allow the user to become familiar with the hardware modules, but it can also be used for basic lab usage such as signal characterization and generation. ADCaptureLab supports file I/O so that data can be saved to storage for subsequent analysis and comparison.

For ADQ7 and ADQ14 It is important to know that this tool can only be used together with the standard/default FPGA firmware ("FWDAQ") and in general ADCaptureLab cannot be used with modified/custom FPGA firmware.

ADCaptureLab is included in the software development kit (SDK) and is automatically installed together with the rest of the tools.

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  • Quick and easy way of getting familiar with the hardware modules
  • Supports basic signal characterization and generation


  • Lab use
  • Prototyping


  • Windows only. Revision details available here
  • Compatibility only guaranteed in combination with standard/default firmware


  • Executable file for Windows
  • Provided as part of the SDK
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