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pdf 21-2636 RHUL Quantum Technology Case Study

The qubits are loaded and operated in a dilution cryogenic-free refrigerator, with a cascade of amplifiers, IQ mixers, low pass filters to perform analogue manipulation of the weak photon signal, boosting it to ≈ 2.2 V while maintaining a good signal-to-noise ratio

pdf 19-2281 HKU Flow Cytometry Case Study

The HKU researchers’ goal was to substantially reduce the time and cost of blood screenings. HKU chose SP Devices’ ADQ7DC 14-bit, 10-Gsample/s digitizers to process the enormous quantities of resulting data—up to 100,000 singlecell images/s and 1 TB of image data in 1-2 minutes.

pdf Helping CERN explore the origins of the universe and improve our future on Earth

Nuclear fission is at the heart of n_TOF’s experiments and this creates a huge amount of data. The data acquisition systems (DAQs) in n_TOF were upgraded in 2014 and CERN chose Teledyne SP Devices’ digitizers to process experimental data.

  • "The technical and intellectual support from the team at Teledyne SP Devices has been playing an important role in our research."

    Associate Professor at Hong Kong University (HKU)
    who has implemented a system supporting line scan rates of 10M lines/s

  • "I can state that ADQ7DC is the best digitizer for high resolution positron lifetime spectroscopy I found on the market."

    prof. Jakub Čížek, Department of Low Temperature Physics at Charles University, Prague

  • "The ADQ7DC digitizer is the best device of this type available on the market with high sampling rate, wide analog bandwidth, quality and stability of signal acquisition. A professional team of the SP Devices engineers ensure support and quick response to the inquiries."

    M. Sc. Grzegorz Nitecki, Faculty of Electronics, Military Academy of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

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