Teledyne SP Devices

pdf 08-0111 ADQ114 Datasheet

ADQ114 is a high speed data acquisition card with outstanding dynamic performance. Excellent spectral purity in combination with low noise makes ADQ114 ideal for noise measurements.

pdf 08-0175 End User License Agreement

The EULA is the contract between either an individual or an entity and Teledyne SP Devices, establishing the End User's right to use the software.

pdf 08-0214 ADQAPI User Guide

This document is the ADQAPI user guide that describes in detail how to manage the product.

pdf 09-0386 ADQ214 Synchronizing Application Note

This application note is applicable on ADQ214 P/N 310-000-000 Rev B with GPIO and illustrates how to communicate with the host computer through USB connection.

pdf 09-302 ADQ108 Datasheet

ADQ108 is a single channel high speed digitizer with an outstanding combination of dynamic range and unique bandwidth.

pdf 10-0467 ADQDSP Datasheet

ADQDSP is a digital signal processing board for signal recording and real-time signal processing.

pdf 10-0494 ADQ412 Datasheet Popular

ADQ412 is a software-selectable 2 or 4 channel with an outstanding combination of high bandwidth and dynamic range.

pdf 10-0495 SDR14 Datasheet Popular

SDR14 is a high-speed digitizer with 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs, which makes it ideal for software defined radio applications.

pdf 10-0569 ADQ214 Datasheet Popular

ADQ214 is a dual channel high speed digitizer with an outstanding dynamic performance from a combination of high bandwidth and high dynamic range.

pdf 11-0699 Waveform Averaging Popular

The ADQ V5 and V6 families of digitizers are equipped with real-time firmware support for waveform averaging. This document describes the different averaging functions that are available, and how they should be configured.

"The technical and intellectual support from the team at Teledyne SP Devices has been playing an important role in our research."

Associate Professor at Hong Kong University (HKU)
who has implemented a system supporting line scan rates of 10M lines/s

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