FWDAQ is the default firmware pre-installed on all digitizers. A high-level description of selected features and functions is included below. Feature set and configuration details may differ between digitizer models, please refer to the documentation for each product for detailed information.​

Analog Front-End (AFE) Functions​​

Examples of AFE functions supported by FWDAQ are so​​​ftware-configurable input voltage range (selected digitizer models only) and programmable DC offset. These features help adjust the ADC input signal to optimize acquisition performance based on input amplitude and/or capture of unipolar signals.

​Signal Processing Functions

Signal processing functions in FWDAQ are used to modify the properties of the acquired digital signal. Examples include sample skip that helps reduce the data rate, and digital ​baseline stabilization (DB​​S) that corrects for baseline (DC level) fluctuation​s.
Additional a​​pplication-specific signal processing such as pulse detection and waveform averaging are available in various optional firmware packages. Selected models also support PDRX as an add-on to FWDAQ.

Data Acquisition Functions

These functions are used to configure acquisition parameters such as record length (number of consecutive samples to acquire), number of records to collect, and more. The records are stored in onboard memory before being streamed to the host PC.

Additional Functions

FWDAQ also contains firmware modules necessary for operation, for example, clock configuration/control, DRAM controller, and data transfer endpoints such as PCIe controller.