The IQE 100 is a wideband imbalance correction IP, that digitally match in-phase and quadrature signal paths in radio architectures employing complex demodulators such as direct down-conversion receivers. The IQE 100 IP core is available as FPGA IP and as a GDSII macro block. ​

Distortion due to signal path imbalances is attenuated by 20 - 50 dB covering up to 100 MHz signal bandwidth. The IP is fully autonomous and offers a unique balancing performance for multi-band radio solutions. IQE 100 does not require any specific calibration signal nor does it interrupt normal operation of the receiver. ​

The figure depicts a complex baseband spectrum of two wideband signals. The IQ imbalance creates images of the two signals which cause interference. After the IQE 100 IP are the images attenuated. ​