The firmware development kit provides access to the digitizer's on-board Xilinx FPGA. It enables customized real-time signal processing and can help reduce the total amount of data transferred to the host PC. Data reduction simplifies subsequent signal processing and decreases required disk storage for applications that utilize offline analysis. FPGA resources are made available to the user in designated user logic areas.

Development Kit Configurations

  • DEVDAQ is based on the default firmware FWDAQ. This development kit is available for all digitizer models.
  • DEVPD is based on the optional pulse detection firmware package, FWPD. This kit offers the same application-specific features and functions as FWPD combined with the dedicated open user logic areas for custom firmware. Please refer to the datasheet of each digitizer product for DEVPD availability.
  • DEVDDC is based on FW2DDC and is available for ADQ7DC.

FPGA Model Information

Information about the FPGA model hosted on each digitizer is listed in the Product Overview.

Deliverables and Requirements

  • The firmware development kit is delivered as design/project files for Xilinx Vivado Design Edition.
  •  Vivado WebPack is not supported
  • The user will need to provide a license for the Xilinx design tools prior to receiving the development kit.
  • Required Vivado revision may differ between digitizer models, please consult the manuals in the Downloads section for specific details.
  • Older generation ADQ V5 and V6 digitizer families use Xilinx ISE. ​

Ordering Information

Development kit options are ordered by appending the kit name to the product name, for example, ADQ14-DEVDAQ, ADQ32-DEVPD, or ADQ7DC-DEVDDC. Note that all development kits except DEVDAQ will also require a firmware option license for each digitizer unit. For example, DEVPD only requires a single firmware development kit, but each digitizer needs an FWPD license.​