Our digitizers are delivered with an extensive set of software, documentation and examples that makes it easy to get started. The software development kit (SDK) is included free of charge when purchasing a digitizer and contains a number of tools which are described more in detail below. Software included in our optional firmware packages is also described below. ​

The software development kit (SDK) is available for Windows and Linux operating systems (click here for a complete list of supported OS versions). Click the links below to learn more about individual software components:

  • Device drivers
  • Application programming interface (API) library, header files, and a programmer's reference guide in which all functions/methods are described in great detail
  • LabVIEW™ drivers including GUI example for ADQ7 and ADQ14
  • Application notes and user guides/manuals
  • Example code for controlling the digitizers via the API in C, C++, Python, Matlab, Visual Basic and LabVIEW™
  • Software utilities for upgrading digitizer firmware and for installing new firmware package licenses
  • Digitizer Studio , a powerful tool with an intuitive GUI for configuration, control, acquisition and display (selected digitizer models only)
  • ADCaptureLab , a GUI-based demo application (selected digitizer models and Windows only)
  • ADQAssist, a GUI-based maintenance tool for ADQ digitizers used for firmware updates, log tracing/viewing, license management, and more.
  • ADQUpdater, a command-line tool for firmware management on selected ADQ digitizer models. Used/invoked by ADQAssist.
  • Off-the-shelf EPICS support as part of our ADQ14 and ADQ7 product offering ​

Our optional firmware packages offers a rich set of functions commonly used in specific applications. These functions are implemented inside the FPGA and therefore allows for signal processing in real-time. One of the primary benefits of this approach is that data reduction can be achieved and this helps lower the CPU load on the host PC plus it relaxes requirements on write speed and total storage capacity required for disk streaming solutions. Most of the firmware packages comes with an easy-to-use GUI: ​