Teledyne SP Devices

FW2DDC - Digital Down-conversion Firmware

Stand-alone firmware package for RF applications

  • Overview

    FW2DDC equips ADQ7WB and ADQ7DC with real-time functions commonly used in radio frequency (RF) receivers. It also contains the proprietary ADX technology which corrects mismatch errors in time-interleaved analog-to-digital converters (TI-ADCs) and thereby ensure industry-leading spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR). The digital signal processing also helps reduce the data rate to a manageable level in order to simplify data post-processing and storage.

    FW2DDC Flow
    • ADX corrects TI-ADC offset, gain and phase errors so that unwanted image spurs does not limit achievable SFDR.
    • FW2DDC contains two digital downconverters (DDCs) consisting of quadrature mixers and decimation filters that help reduce the data rate, improve the signal-to-noise (SNR) ratio for the band of interest, and translate the RF frequency to an intermediate frequency (IF) for baseband processing.
    • The subsequent finite impulse response (FIR) filters can be used either for further noise reduction, for channel equalization, or for correcting in-phase and quadrature (IQ) imbalance.
    • Built-in ADX time-interleaving correction
    • DDC
    • DDC instances: 4
    • NCO frequency resolution: 1.1642 Hz
    • NCO spur level: -95 dBFS
    • Decimation factor: 2 to 234
    • FIR filter / Equalizer
    • Filter instances: 4
    • Filter length: 5 taps
    • Coefficient length: 14 bits
    • Data input length: Up to 25 bits
    • RF monitoring and recording
    • Channel sounding
    • Satellite monitoring
    • RADAR
    • 5G
    • RF production testing
    • Signals intelligence
    • Low-level RF (LLRF)

  • FW2DDC Block Diagram
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    • Dual channel
    • 5 GSPS sampling rate
    • 6.5 GHz input bandwidth
    • AC-coupled

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    • Single/dual channel
    • Up to 10 GSPS sampling rate
    • Up to 3 GHz input bandwidth
    • DC-coupled

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  • "The technical and intellectual support from the team at Teledyne SP Devices has been playing an important role in our research."

    Associate Professor at Hong Kong University (HKU)
    who has implemented a system supporting line scan rates of 10M lines/s

  • "I can state that ADQ7DC is the best digitizer for high resolution positron lifetime spectroscopy I found on the market."

    prof. Jakub Čížek, Department of Low Temperature Physics at Charles University, Prague

  • "The ADQ7DC digitizer is the best device of this type available on the market with high sampling rate, wide analog bandwidth, quality and stability of signal acquisition. A professional team of the SP Devices engineers ensure support and quick response to the inquiries."

    M. Sc. Grzegorz Nitecki, Faculty of Electronics, Military Academy of Technology, Warsaw, Poland

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