Our firmware FWOCT introduces significant enhancements in the k-space remapping principle, refining the signal processing workflow and output for Swept-Source OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) devices. The core functionality of this firmware, known as FWOCT, is dedicated to the k-space remapping of OCT signals within the FPGA.

The FWOCT firmware enables the utilization of modern analog-to-digital converters within digitizers. In SS-OCT (Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography) applications, the k-clock establishes a non-uniform time base. However, many modern ADCs rely on a stable time base to ensure consistent and reliable operation.

To address this requirement, FWOCT treats the k-clock and the OCT signal as separate analog channels. By implementing digital signal processing techniques, this approach allows for the optimization of ADC performance. Managing these channels individually ensures that the ADC operates under its optimal conditions, facilitating improved signal quality.

In essence, by managing the k-clock and OCT signal as distinct analog channels and employing digital signal processing, FWOCT enhances ADC functionality. This optimization ensures the ADC operates reliably despite the non-uniformity of the time base, leading to an overall enhancement in signal quality within SS-OCT applications.​​

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