ADQ8-4X offers software-configurable sampling on two or four channels. The sampling rate is 4 GSPS in two-channel mode or 2 GSPS in four-channel mode. This feature enables flexible operation during development since the channel count and sampling rate can be varied.

The signal inputs are DC-coupled and offer programmable DC-offset as well as configurable input voltage range. It also supports high analog input bandwidth and therefore supports a wide range of sensors.

ADQ8-4X supports multi-board synchronization with exceptional precision, and the modular approach is scalable so that it can easily be expanded over time to include more channels.

The on-board Xilinx FPGA is open to the user and allows for customized real-time digital signal processing.

Options ​Comment​
Hardware Options​​​​
PXIe, MTCA.4 Host PC interf​ac​e

Firmware options
FWDAQ Always included. Default data acquisition firmware.
DEVDAQ Optional FPGA development kit based​​ on FWDAQ.

Additional accessories
W5Y Optional 2-year warranty extension (and 5 years in total). ​

Digitizer Studio Always included. Software for control and configuration. ​​