DAQ/Digitizer: ADQ14 - DAQ/Digitizer: ADQ14 - 14-bit, up to 2 GSPS, up to 4 channels

1) Depending on product model
Resolution 14 bit
Sample rate 0.5 / 1 / 2 GSPS1)
Input channels 1, 2, or 41)
Trigger Software / External / Internal / Level
Clock reference Int. / Ext. 10 MHz / PXIe

USB 3.0,
10 GbE

Memory size 2 GByte
DC-offset Full signal range
Data transfer rate USB 3.0 : 200 MByte/s,
PCIe : 3.2 GBytes/s


 Coupling AC 
 Input bandwidth 1.2 GHz1)
 Input range 1.9 Vpp


 Coupling DC 
 Input bandwidth 1.2 GHz1)
 Input range 500mVpp,
1 Vpp,
2 Vpp1)
Input range, variable gain option ("-VG") 500mVpp,
1 Vpp,
2 Vpp,
adq14 2x pxie

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Watch the 2-minute introductory video below for a quick and easy product overview!

The powerful platform of ADQ14 with its unique combination of sample rate and dynamic range is tailored for any advanced measurement operation by an extensive options program.

  • Host PC form factor options for optimized systems partitioning.
  • Analog front-end options for meeting sensor and measurement requirements.
  • Sample rate options for building family of products with streamlined maintenance. This optimizes cost of ownership.
  • Real-time custom digital signal processing solutions for advanced systems.
  • SP Devices’ design service is always available for fast integration to lower TTM.

Analog Front End (AFE)
The analog front-end is built up by four options for optimizing the ADQ14 to the specific task.

  • Select AC- or DC-coupling depending on the properties of the signal.
  • Select the number of channels, 1 to 4, depending of the number of signals.
  • Select the sample rate from 500 MSPS up to 2 GSPS depending on the bandwidth.
  • For DC-coupled input is also an option with software controlled gain setting.

SP Devices’ technology for signal quality enhancement
ADQ14 benefits from by SP Devices’ technologies for signal quality enhancement.

  • The proprietary signal conditioning algorithm ADX eliminate the legacy errors known to degrade the resulting outputs of interleaved digitizers. ADX enables the full potential of time-interleaved ADCs to increase the sampling rate without performance degradation.
  • Baseline stabilizer is SP Devices’ core technology for pulse measurements, which enables a reliable reference level with 22 bits precision. This opens for accurate pulse property measurements.
  • Radio systems designers benefit from the IQE, IQ balance technology, for wide band IQ sampling.

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