ADQ7WB is an RF digitizer with an analog input bandwidth of 6.5 GHz. It supports highly linear wideband data capture, and utilize Teledyne SP Devices' proprietary ADX technology in order to ensure industry-leading spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR).

The flexible architecture allows the dual-channel input to be used either as two separate individual channels, or as a single I/Q channel. ADQ7WB offers 12 bits vertical resolution and 5 GSPS sampling rate per channel.

The stand-alone firmware package FW2DDC simplify operation and offer commonly used real-time radio functions without any need for FPGA firmware development. The package include multiple digital downconverters (DDCs), decimation, and digital filtering for noise reduction or channel equalization.


Options ​Comment​
Hardware Options​​​
PCIe, PXIe​ Host PC interf​ace​

Firmware options
FWDAQ Always included. Default data acquisition firmware.
FW2DDC​ Optional digital downconversion firmware. ​
DEVDAQ Optional FPGA development kit based​​ on FWDAQ.

Additional accessories
W5Y Optional 2-year warranty extension (and 5 years in total). ​

Digitizer Studio Always included. Software for control and configuration. ​