ADQ14 is a 14-bit digitizer family with 1, 2, or 4 channels and 0.5, 1, or 2 GSPS sampling rate. It is also available with either AC or DC coupling (ADQ14AC and ADQ14DC) and comes in five different form factors. This simplifies integration and enables cost-efficient system-level design. ADQ14 offers AC- or DC-coupling and variable DC-bias. It is also available with variable voltage input range. This combined with high analog input bandwidth makes it support a wide range of sensors. With up to 4 channels per board and with high-precision multi-board synchronization capabilities ADQ14 is ideal for massive multi-channel implementations.

Options ​Comment​
Hardware Options​​​
PXIe, PCIe, USB3.0, MTCA.4, 10 GbE
Host PC interf​ace

Firmware options​
FWDAQ Always included. Default data acquisition firmware.​
FWATD Optional w​aveform averaging firmware. ​
DEVDAQ​ Optional FPGA development kit based​​ on FWDAQ.
FWPD​ Optional pulse detection firmware.
FWSDR​ ​​Optional software-defined radio firmware.

Additional accessories
W5Y Optional 2-year warranty extension (and 5 years in total). ​

Digitizer Studio Always included. Software for control and configuration. ​