High-perform​​ance 14-bit, 400 MSPS digitizer

  • 14 bits vertical resolution
  • Up to 400 MSPS sampling rate
  • DC and AC-coupled with up to 800 MHz input bandwidth (2.2 Vpp input range)​
  • Programmable DC-offset
  • 64 Msamples onboard memory
  • Open FPGA for custom real-time signal processing requires DEVDAQ
  • Application-specific firmware options
  • Hardware triggers and GPIO
  • USB 2.0, PXIe form factor
  • For product technical specifications (see the datasheet)
  • How to use and configure the product and output the data (see the users guide)​


The ADQ214 digitizer features dual channels, 14-bit resolution, 400 MSPS capture rate with 850 MHz analog input bandwidth, and a memory buffer of 64 MSample per channel. The combination of high speed, high resolution and wide bandwidth makes it ideal for broadband applications such as IF sampling of RF signals and high-speed data recording. Excellent spectral purity in combination with low noise also makes the ADQ214 ideal for noise measurements.

ADQ214 comes with an AC-coupled AFE with the bandwidth 10 Hz – 850 MHz, which is optimized for spectral purity over several Nyquist bands. The AC AFE is suitable for RF/IF sampling and pulse measurements. There is also a software selectable DC-coupled AFE with the bandwidth 350MHz which is optimized for base band signaling and high speed data recording. See the ADQ214 Datasheet for further details and for ordering information.​

The digitizer connects to the host via a high-speed USB 2.0 cable or through an optional PXI Express interface. All interface types allows for streaming of data at high transfer rates.​


Options ​Comment​
Hardware Options​​​
USB 2.0, PXIe Host PC interf​ace

Firmware options​
FWDAQ Always included. Default data acquisition firmware.​
FWATD Optional w​aveform averaging firmware. ​
DEVDAQ​​ Optional FPGA development kit based​​ on FWDAQ.
FWPD​​ Optional pulse detection firmware.
FWSDR​​ Optional software-defined radio firmware.

Additional accessories
W5Y Optional 2-year warranty extension (and 5 years in total). ​

ADCapture​Lab​​​ Always included. Software for control and configuration. ​​