ADQ32 is a fourth-generation 12-bit digitizer with an open field-programmable gate array (FPGA). It is optimized for OEM integration in the most computationally demanding applications and provides built-in peer-to-peer streaming to graphics processing units (GPU) at 7 Gbyte/s.​

Options S2G0 S2G5​​​​​​ ​Comment​
Hardware options​​
BW1G0 ✓​​​​ Default analog input bandwidth, 1 GHz.​
BW2G5 ✓​ Optional bandwidth extension, 2.5 G​Hz.
PCIe Default form factor (interface)​.

Firmware options
FWDAQ ✓​ Always included. Default data acquisition firmware.
FWATD Optional waveform averaging firmware. ​
LICPDRX ✓​ Optional license for dual-gai​n (PDRX) channel combination.​
DEVDAQ ✓​ Optional FPGA development kit based​​ on FWDAQ.

Additional accessories
W5Y Optional 2-year warranty extension (and 5 years in total). ​

Digitizer Studio Always included. Software for control and configuration. ​